AnalogyX BI

The business intelligence suite is the perfect solution for companies seeking easy-to-use, departmental or enterprise-wide dashboards and ad hoc BI analytical capabilities with this revolutionary business discovery approach. No more waiting for outdated reports, no more guesswork. Instead, quick answers to the most important questions.

With Analogyx

Enable Analytics on the Fly

Analogyx BI offers a single-stack solution to your data integration and analytics, allowing each employee access to real-time data, actionable insights, and collaborative analysis.

Real Time Data & Insights

Analogyx BI Offers Data Integration & Data Analytics platform as a single-stack solution, providing each employee with real-time data, actionable insights, and collaborative analyses.


Processing aggregated data via dashboards, reports and specially created programs

Joint decision-making, thanks to consistent data for collaboration

Ease of use and modern visual representation

Data from different sources are combined in one application

Data access independent of location- even on the move