Epicor Kinetic.

Epicor Kinetic is a robust and full featured ERP software. Out of box it has everything you need to bring your business to the next level.

Future Focused.

Utilize manufacturing expertise and the genuine benefits of cloud ERP to boost your business's growth and profitability. Transform digitally to take use of data and develop without boundaries.

Made for you.

Kinetic, which is quickly growing and has 70,000 cloud manufacturing users, was developed with and for you. Utilize Epicor's knowledge to its fullest to improve your ability to compete, scale, and hire top talent.

Intuitive and Scalable.

Accessing integrated features like APS, CRM, and CPQ is made simple via intuitive, adjustable, and guided browser-based apps.

Employee Experience

Engage and Align the Future Workforce

A modern work environment is something that an employee demands. Use tools that keep workers connected and on task to boost staff productivity and engagement.

Integrate communication in the social network manner 
Educate teams in content workflow 
Using voice recognition, streamline rote activities
Facilitate adoption with a contemporary design interface

Production Operations

Utilize Industry 4.0 technology to innovate

Make sure to utilize Industry 4.0 technologies in your manufacturing processes. With cutting-edge project and production management, Kinetic was created with decades of manufacturing industry expertise to maximize income.
Real-time tracking of work in progress
Process technical data more effectively 
increase insight and automation 

50,000+ companies run ERP to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Global Supply Chain Administration

Increased Profits Resulting from Efficiency

You desire more knowledge, power, and visibility over procedures that are crucial to your business. Kinetic streamlines international supply chain management procedures so you may improve customer satisfaction and maintain competitiveness. 

Combining capabilities for many companies with multiple site views
Scale worldwide with extensive features for each country
Utilize cutting-edge EDI software to increase transaction visibility and speed 


Set up a culture of advancement

Based on best practices in the industry, Kinetic transforms human resource and financial management procedures.
Improve and update financial management
Utilize data to inform your judgments. 

Product Management.

Simplify Processes and Reduce Waste

Designed for the details of manufacturing, Kinetic is built to improve efficiency and communication throughout the product lifecycle.

Risk & Compliance

Control Risk and Drive Performance

Enterprise risk management and compliance is ever-changing. Epicor designs governance risk and compliance (GRC) solutions to meet published international standards and industry best practices.  

  • Simplify regulatory compliance 
  • Meet audit tracking and documentation requirements with comprehensive design-to-retire PLM
  • Apply advanced user roles and security settings to restrict access as needed