Financial Management

From basic bookkeeping to advanced analytics, financial management solutions from Epicor are designed to help you automate and streamline your financial processes while giving you greater visibility and control. Support complex standards and regulatory requirements, including those that are specific to your industry. We draw upon deep industry knowledge to build solutions that fit your business and address your challenges. Our simple, easy-to-use financial management software can help you transform your finance department and focus on growing your business.

Epicor Commerce

Manage complex B2B transactions and offer a simple buying experience with Epicor commerce for distributors and manufacturers.

Epicor ECM.

Empower growth with the industry -leading content services platform,Epicor ECM(formerly Docstar).

Epicor Data Analytics

Turn your Kinetic or Prophet 21 data into actionanble insights with ease to read charts,graphs and key perfomance indicators.

Spreadsheet server.

Maximize efficiency when accessing, reporting and analyzing ERP data in excel.

Business Intelligence and Analytics software.

Use data analytics to uncover problems and find opportunities to grow your business and increase profits. 

Excel reporting Solutions.

XL Connect 7 is a Microsoft® Excel® based reporting platform that helps you build reports in minutes rather than days. Our data analytics tool quickly gets you the answers you need from your data with our intuitive XL Connect 7 query tool, drill-down capabilities, and a drag-and-drop interface.

Global Business management.

Operate as one unified business no matter how globally dispersed your workforce may be.