Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing efforts can drive significant growth for your business, but your staff needs the right tools to achieve target outcomes. Epicor sales and marketing solutions can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. Automated administrative tasks allow sales personnel to focus on building profitable relationships and closing sales. Better data visibility helps you define target markets and create more effective strategies for them. By streamlining the sales process, you can increase productivity and be well-positioned for sustained growth. 

Epicor Commerce

Manage complex B2B transactions and offer a simple buying experience with Epicor commerce for distributors and manufacturers.

Epicor CPQ(Formerly KBMax)

Cut the complexity out of the sales-to manufacturing process with visual CPQ.

Certified Hardware.

Hassle free hardware point of sale,inventory,supply chain and IT-all certified to work seamlessly with your Epicor solution.

Epicor ECM.

​Empower growth with the industry-leading content services platform,Epicor ECM(Formerly Docstar).

Kinetic Sales Management.

Produce accurate estimates,streamline your order-to-cash cycle,and fulfill orders with perfect precision to ensure high customer satisfaction.