The eCommerce platform you were looking for.

Open source. Scalable. Easy-to-use.

No need to be a developer

Drag & Drop editor

Odoo comes with a great selection of building blocks. Drag and drop them to create stunning pages. Building a website has never been so easy.

Design your store in 4 easy steps

Use the AI website configurator to create your website in 4 easy steps. Odoo will provide copyright free pictures based on your industry.

Professional Themes

Odoo comes with beautiful native themes designed for each industry. You can also create your own custom theme or use one from our themes store.

Sell anything

Odoo fits to all kind of businesses.
It has hundreds of ready-to-use features. You don't have to invest in many plugins anymore.

Set-up Variants and Attributes

Configure products variants, such as color or size, and set a different price for each configuration.

B2B Store & Multiwebsites

Make the shop only accessible for allowed users, and use pricelists to display different prices.

Automated Tax Rates

Your sales taxes are applied automatically based on your customer's type and country of residence.

SEO Optimised & Mobile Friendly

Use integrated tools to help you be top ranked in search engines. Your website will be automatically adapted on mobile devices.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Use the built-in dashboard to see your best sales and get advanced statistics on your eCommerce.

Multi Websites

Configure multiple stores on the same database. Share products between websites.


Use the integrated tracking tool or connect your Google Analytics account to understand the behavior of your visitors and improve the conversion rate.

Omnichannel strategy

Thanks to the different Odoo applications,
you can connect your online store to other sales channels,
such as your POS or your CRM.