Gather Knowledge,
expand it as a team

The collaborative library
that adapts to your needs.

Ready? Start collaborating with your team!

Click anywhere and start contributing to your library.

Powerful text editor

Start typing, then use Odoo's great editor to format your text any way you like.

Many shortcuts

Use shortcuts to get the most out of the text editor. Type / and get mesmerized by all the features offered by Knowledge and the editor.

Collaborate with your team

Feeling like a team player? Work simultaneously on an article and improve your knowledge base together!

Access your knowledge base from any Odoo apps

Create a /template text block that you can easily insert as a message, as terms & conditions, or as a description in Project, CRM, Sales...

Create your personal dashboard

Get a clear and optimal view of everything that matters to you at once.

In Knowledge, you can filter and regroup views in other apps, then import them into one article.

Do you want to share a particular view from any app with your team?
--> Import it in a shared article, and tada!

Add properties to your Knowledge articles

In Odoo Knowledge, add as many properties as you need to your articles.

After that, navigate easily through everything, regroup or filter your task and get the most out of our excellent productivity app.